Hrvyst Benefits

Hryvst delivers simple, powerful solutions that reduce risk and elevate productivity.  

The Hrvyst Difference:

Hrvyst is the industry’s most comprehensive automated hedging and merchandising solution. Every link of the value chain is instantly and accurately hedged.  With Hrvyst, you can create and modify offers and spot sales or initiate and update forward contracts. Basis and HTA contracts can be priced or rolled and sent to the accounting ledger. Any resulting hedge is executed perfectly.  
Built by experienced grain merchandisers, Hrvyst delivers the exact up-to-date information your merchandising team needs to maximize profitability.  Live gross margin tracking by commodity and location allows you to confidently seize trading opportunities. Effortlessly consolidate grain movement in real-time so you can modify bids in response to market activity.


Reduce risks that erode margins

  • Hedge automation to eliminate speculation.
  • Instantaneous and precise automated hedging to minimize or eradicate slippage risk.
  • Instant alerts to catch unauthorized basis pushes.

Enhance merchandising capabilities

  • Real-time weighted average buying basis.
  • Real-time gross margin.
  • Real-time cash movement.
  • Location-level benchmarking.
  • Up-to-date flat price risk on an easy-to-read dashboard.

Improve productivity 

  • Automated offer management; hedges are instantly and automatically modified as basis is changed.
  • GTC offers automatically roll as futures expire.
  • One-touch contract entry allows spot and forward sales to be hedged in real-time; basis pricing and rolls of HTA are instantly and accurately hedged. 
  • Connectivity with your ERP eliminates double entry and cuts down on mistakes.