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Hryvst delivers simple, powerful solutions that reduce risk and elevate productivity.  

Fully Automated Hedging

Hrvyst is purpose built to automate hedging by digitizing the entire grain origination and merchandising process - electronically linking grain offers, purchases and sales to the futures market and to the elevator’s grain accounting package.  

Hrvyst effortlessly hedges transactions other platforms cannot. Whether executing spot or forward contracts or whether pricing and rolling basis as well as HTA contracts, Hrvyst keeps you fully hedged in real-time. Slippage and error risk are virtually eliminated. 


Offer Management System

Many grain companies rely on clipboards and Post-it® notes to manage farmer offers. More progressive companies have evolved to using spreadsheets and aggregating data on shared drives or in CRMs.  

While these work-arounds may improve visibility to open offers, they do little to increase productivity or minimize execution risk.  

Hrvyst’s automation allows companies to be more proactive in updating bids in response to changing market conditions.  Updates can be done in a matter of minutes, allowing elevators to originate more bushels without overpaying for grain.    


Contract Management
(Basis and HTA Pricing and Rolling)

Automation continues in Hrvyst where it stops on competing platforms.  Hrvyst is built to capture every event in the life of a grain contract.  This minimizes risk while maximizing productivity and improving access to accurate information.

Hrvyst easily prices Basis contracts and HTA contracts with a few simple clicks. These contracts can also be priced against offers.  And if the farmer doesn’t get an offer filled, it’s no problem.  Hrvyst can automatically roll contracts forward.


Intuitive Dashboard

Hrvyst delivers a live and consolidated view of your company’s origination, merchandising and hedging activity in a simple and easy to understand dashboard.  Hrvyst allows you to instantly spot unhedged bushels and understand potential spread risk.   


Robust Connectivity to Third-Party Vendors 

Mission-critical applications must stay in sync to maximize productivity and streamline information flow.  Hrvyst connects to your grain accounting package to minimize keystrokes and make the best use of your employee’s time.  

Hrvyst API enables connectivity to your mobile platform, allowing farmers to create contracts or submit bids.