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Hryvst delivers simple, powerful solutions that reduce risk and elevate productivity.  

We are Hrvyst

We provide all of your most influential industrial solutions

Hrvyst is a new technology venture that is fully backed by R.J. O’Brien & Associates, the oldest and largest independent futures broker in the United States. R.J. O’Brien’s roots in agriculture reach back more than 100 years to the company’s founding as an egg and butter trading house in 1914. Today RJO is well known and deeply respected for the company’s unbiased agricultural insights and passion for bringing value to our clients in new and exciting ways.  
Hrvyst was born out of this passion. We are delivering solutions that dramatically enhance customer productivity and connect our customers to the information they need to build a powerful and sustainable competitive advantage.   

At Hrvyst, we are serving up fresh technology with long-standing values. Our mission isn’t simply to make things better; we’re here to help you thrive.

Our Parent: 
R.J. O'Brien & Associates


More About Our Parent Company

Why Hrvyst and R.J. O’Brien?

Independent, non-conflicted data repository

R.J. O’Brien is non-conflicted. Our ownership has no financial stake in competing grain businesses.

Trusted and Secure Repository for Customer Data

Hrvyst is fully owned by R.J. O’Brien & Associates, a regulated FCM that has securely held customer trades in confidence for more than 100 years.


RJO has been developing innovative, web-based technology for the agriculture and financial services industry for two decades.  The Company has continued its tradition of innovation with “Cara,” the industry’s most dynamic OTC structured product technology, and Hrvyst, the industry’s most robust automated hedge management system.  Today, our products can be found on the desktops of a range of ag concerns including Fortune 500 companies. 

Financial Stability

Hrvyst is fully backed by R.J. O’Brien, a global broker that generates more than US $500M in annual revenue and has a capital base of more than US $200M.